New Pediatric Services: Our Pediatric Intensive Care Unit

Brandon Regional Hospital’s Pediatric Intensive Care Unit offers expert services and comfort for your family.

Nobody wants to have a child suffer from accident or illness. But if it happens, the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) is a special place that focuses on serious pediatric issues, all while helping your family and your child feel secure and cared for along the way. Here at Brandon Regional Hospital, we’ve added new PICU services so that we can meet the needs of our youngest patients and their families.

What is a PICU?
Although the name, Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU), may sound scary, it’s the best place for kids, from infancy up to 18 years of age, who need critical care. Unlike general hospital care, PICU staff specialize in working with young patients and can focus on their particular needs. Pediatricians that work in PICU are called “intensivists” and are supported by an expert nursing staff.

Our PICU offers:

  • 10 beds in a warm environment
  • pediatric subspecialists from departments like cardiology or neurosurgery, whenever needed
  • the most advanced monitoring systems
  • medications and sedatives specifically approved for children
  • Child Life Specialists to assist your family through difficult times

What will my child’s experience be like in a PICU?
Most children will find themselves hooked up to intravenous drip feeds (IVs) to ensure they are well hydrated or provided with well-regulated medication. Frequent monitoring, especially of breathing and heart rate, and diagnostic screenings keep track of your child’s condition and ensure stability. Ventilators are common in assisting the child’s breathing.

How long will my child stay in the PICU?
The length of your child’s stay depends on his or her condition. Some leave after one day while others stay for up to a month or longer. A child leaves once he or she requires less monitoring. Plenty of follow-up care requires many appointments for your child to meet with pediatricians and specialists to ensure continued health after his stay in the PICU.

Receive state-of-the-art care at Brandon Regional Hospital’s Pediatric Center. For more information about our PICU, please call (813) 653-1065.

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