A Safe Halloween is a Happy Halloween

Keep Halloween fun with these safety guidelines.

The costumes, the candy and the sense of community all make Halloween a favorite holiday for kids and parents alike. The excitement can make little ones forget basic rules about crossing the street or keeping away from jack-o-lantern flames. Here are a few tips to keep everyone safe and happy.

Be road smart. At least one responsible adult should accompany a group of children outdoors. Many neighborhoods have higher traffic volume than usual, and some cars drive kids from house to house. Insist that children stay on sidewalks and within crosswalks when available.

Visibility is key. Because trick-or-treating usually continues into dusk or after, keep costumes light in color. Consider adhering reflective tape (available in hardware stores and bicycle shops) to hats, footwear and treat bags. Children can carry flashlights or glow sticks to increase their visibility and add to the spooky fun.

Review the basics. Even if an adult is supervising them, remind children to knock only on doors of well-lit homes, and never to enter those of strangers.

Exercise costume caution. Provide well-fitted clothing that a child will not trip on and be sure that masks or headgear allow for full vision. Flame-retarding materials are ideal for costumes.

Inspect all candy. Encourage children to wait until they get home to eat their candy, and have an adult look over it first. Be sure to remove candy that is unwrapped, tampered with, or that may present choking hazard or allergic reaction.

Host your own children's party or enjoy a community event to provide a safe venue for Halloween fun without detracting from the excitement. Get creative and make this Halloween the most memorable ever! Learn more about childhood and Halloween safety by visiting Safe Kids USA  or National Child Safety Council. If you have a basic health question or need a physician referral, call our free Consult-A-Nurse® service at (813) 681-5551.

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