Top 5 Myths About Mental Illness

Mental health issues are met with misunderstanding and fear far too often. Learn the truth about these mental illness myths.

Although many people are embarrassed or afraid to talk about it, mental health is just as important as physical well-being. It can affect the way we think, feel and act. Living with a mental illness can be devastating for patients as well as their friends and families.

There are many different types of mental illness, including:

  • Anxiety disorders
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Depression
  • Mood / personality disorders

Mental illness does not discriminate. It can affect people of all ages, shapes and sizes. Learning about and understanding mental health can help you become more compassionate. Consider the following myths about mental illness:

  1. Mental illness would never happen to me. Mental health can be affected by a variety of factors. Some are out of our control, but traumatic life experiences, drug use, or injuries can also play a role.
  2. People with mental illness are violent. Mental health can be unpredictable, but the majority of people with mental health issues are no more violent than anyone else.
  3. People with mental illness are just seeking attention. Although some people choose to speak openly about their condition, they did not choose to develop a mental illness.
  4. Everyone with mental illness needs medication. While many people with mental illnesses benefit from the use of prescription medications, talking about their problems helps many others. Working with therapists, counselors, psychologists or psychiatrists, and even talking to friends or family can be very beneficial in the recovery process.
  5. There’s no hope for people with mental illness. Many people with mental health problems lead fulfilling lives. Many recover completely and others are able to control symptoms through therapy and/or medication.  

Brandon Regional Hospital is home to Eastern Hillsborough County’s only inpatient behavioral health program. We focus on diagnosis, intervention and stabilization in a comfortable setting—compassionate care is delivered in a private, spacious environment. If you feel that you or someone you know is in need of help from dedicated professionals, visit the Behavioral Health Center online or call (813) 653-1065.

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    is something that is really helpful to many ladies out there who are on their
    way in this stage in life.

  2. the moderator says:

    Eugene, yes that is correct. Thank you for your input!

  3. Eugene Waltz says:

    Some women experience menopause as early as 30′s and other may be as late as 60′s. So it is very important to assess your total well being and consult your doctor as soon as you feel any menopause symptoms to prevent severe discomfort in the future.

  4. I think it’s important that you pointed out that treatments vary from woman to woman. Since menopause isn’t the same for all females, the symptoms may also differ. That’s why it’s always best to consult your doctor first before you try any type of remedy. I hope you guys continue to hold such information sessions in the near future!

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