Healthy Holiday Eating Survival Tips

The holidays are upon us. Many of us are enjoying parties and get-togethers, all of which usually offer delicious snacks and traditional treats. If you are trying to watch your calorie intake, this time of year can be especially challenging. Here are some common unhealthy holiday eating traps and some tips to avoid falling into them.

The Office Party
It may have been a challenging year at the office and you feel the need to celebrate your hard work with office mates. While a fun time at the company’s expense may be well deserved, you are not doing yourself a favor by overeating or overdrinking. Not to mention the fact that overdrinking in a professional setting rarely has a favorable outcome.

Survival tip: Before the office party starts, be sure to grab a quick healthy snack so that you don’t overeat. Also, remember that you do not want to be the person everyone is emailing about next Monday. Limit yourself to one drink and leave without those extra calories!

The Candy Bowl and Cookie Platter
Many people get rid of tempting sweets, like candy, fudge and cookies, by bringing them to the office. By mid-December your office’s break room may look like Willy Wonka’s factory. Grabbing a quick treat here and there can become so routine that you hardly see the calories stacking up.

Survival tip: Limit yourself to one treat per day and don’t store candy at your desk. Instead, keep raw almonds or other healthy snacks to nibble on when you’re tempted to grab another sugar cookie.

The Big Family Dinner
Your mother may have slaved all day in the kitchen to make her famous turkey and her demands that you go back for seconds and thirds could be near impossible to ignore. While the holidays are a time to feast, the only thing that needs to be stuffed is the turkey.

Survival tip: Pace yourself. Limit yourself to one plate of dinner and eat slowly. Your brain needs twenty minutes to realize that your stomach is full. You can enjoy more of the feast over the coming days – the leftovers are sometimes the best part of a holiday meal!

Game Day
The holidays go hand in hand with the family gathering around a game on TV. This may be the most dangerous unhealthy eating trap. With platters of wings, bowls of chips and delicious spreads at the ready, game day can be a minefield of fat and calories as we often overeat when our attention is focused on the game.

Survival tip: Stick to one plate of snacks. Identify what you want and how much you plan to have. Enjoy your plate of food, and then stop. Be sure to drink water to maintain a feeling of fullness.

Find the Right Balance
It can be difficult to eat in moderation during the holidays when caloric excess seems to be the theme. This year, find the right balance between watching what you eat and enjoying what you eat.

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